Are You Leaving the Catholic Church?

Have you left the Catholic Church? Are you thinking about leaving the Catholic Church? Who or what do you blame? The priest scandal? A particular priest that ticked you off? The "clique" in the parish? The gossip from the "clique?"

Were you in the choir and the choir director made you mad? Did the other choir members make you mad?

Do you feel you don't need to go to church any longer because you "carry your religion in your heart?" Don't have time to go to Mass? Mass is boring? Music is boring? The priest's homily is boring? Or don't you get anything out of Mass?

The time of Mass is not convenient for you? Saturday Mass is well, Saturday. Who goes to church on Saturday? Can't make it on a Sunday? 8 AM is too early? By 10 AM you're already doing something else. And then at noon, the game starts.

Don't you believe anymore? Do you not believe in the Church's teachings ... on any given subject? Has your heart emptied of any feeling for the Catholic faith you once held?

Since my conversion, I've experienced all kinds of craziness in the church, that has sent quite a few of the flock fleeing from Catholicism. My faith never waivered. My husband and I would just start going to another church. And another. And another until we found one. And when we did, we were healed of the hurts that other PEOPLE inflicted on us. Not the church.

Or do you find yourself wanting to come back, but you just don't know how. Mass is not what you remember and the church is full of strangers.

Once I was speaking to a priest who was frustrated by people who would come to him with their list of complaints about the church and why they were leaving. After awhile he only offered one argument against leaving.

"If you leave the Catholic Church, you leave the Eucharist."

If you are thinking of returning, I know of a great place to land.

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