A Reflection on Sunday Mass

I was asked to write a reflection on the Mass for this week's bulletin of St. Thérèse Chinese Catholic Church:

As a convert to the Catholic faith, I have found that my love for the Mass has grown over the years.  When I first converted, I would have moments where I would be profoundly moved by Our Lord's Presence.  Two of those occasions involved my being pregnant.  The first time, was when I was bringing up the gifts at Mass.  I was carrying our second son and I realized what a tremendous gift that baby was ... and still is to us.

The other occasion was when I was pregnant with my daughter.  I was going through a tough time and I was afraid the stress would affect our baby.  In desperation, I offered my Communion up for our child.  Mass was a tremendous comfort to me during that time.

Now that I sing, I am constantly reminded of the gift of being near the altar and having the privilege of singing for Our Lord as the veil of heaven is lifted and He comes to earth to nourish our souls!

You can listen to Scott Hahn's reflection on today's readings here.

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