What Do You Buy a Catholic for Christmas?

What do you buy a Catholic for Christmas?   And if you, as the gift-giver, are not Catholic, where do you even begin?

Probably the most amazing gift I ever received, was an elegant Waterford Crystal rosary that my BFF (of more than forty years) gave me a few years ago.  She is not Catholic and the acknowledgement of my faith and what it meant to me, goes beyond anything I could write here.

Here are my suggestions for gifts for Catholics:

  1. A rosary.  I used to have them all over the house (I've given most of them away), but the one from the BFF (and pictured here) are my "go to" beads.  You can buy an inexpensive one, or have one custom made.  This time of year, you can find one that has a Christmas theme.  Whether you're buying for a man or a woman, a rosary is a great gift.
  2. A religious medal or crucifix.  One of my favorite things to give!  This seller on ebay is fabulous!  She has inexpensive medals, chains, earrings and rosaries.  I spent $4 on a medal and $4 on the chain to go with it.  Both pieces look expensive and the packaging was beautiful!
  3. A Bible.  Mother Angelica prefers the New Jerusalem Bible, but you can get a Douay-Rheims Bible or the Navarre Bible (New Testament).  Even if you already know the person has a Bible, a new translation is always fun to have.
  4. Magnificat.  The Magnificat (if you are not familiar with it) is a monthly magazine with the daily readings and Mass parts.  There are also great articles and beautiful artwork.  A subscription to this magazine is a great way to enrich someone's faith and a great way to have them remember you.
  5. Books.  There are so many Catholic books!  Two of my favorite authors when I first converted were Servant of God, Archbishop Fulton Sheen and John Shea.  Both these authors introduced me to Jesus as a living breathing man, full of life and love.  A book I read in high school called Mr. Blue, by Myles Connolly, haunts me to this day!  If you are not Catholic, and are unsure of what book or books to buy, a gift card to that person's favorite bookstore would probably make their day.
  6. Have a Mass said for your friend/loved one/relative.  This is my husband's favorite gift to get!  This year, for his birthday, I had Masses said for him.  He was thrilled!

Giving a gift that represents faith, not only acknowledges that person's faith, it bolsters their faith and that might be the greatest gift to give anyone.  And it's kind of nice for the giver, too.


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