What I Am Thankful for this Thanksgiving

  1. The Catholic Church
  2. My husband (who lead me to the Catholic Church)
  3. My children (who unknowingly keep me in the Catholic Church)
  4. My friends (who support me in my faith)
  5. St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church
  6. Fr. Francis Li, Pastor of St. Therese
  7. Singing every Saturday at the 5 PM Mass at St. Therese
  8. Jimmy Greenfield
  9. My Facebook "likes"
  10. My Twitter followers
  11. That I can give to others (spiritually, emotionally & sometimes cash)
  12. My "stuff" (I know.  I shouldn't!)
  13. Getting up this morning
  14. Having to go to work today ... well ... maybe that I have a job
  15. Getting off work early so I can actually have dinner when it's served and not microwaved!

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