The Morning After: Reflections on the Presidential Election

After attending a wake last evening, I followed my twitter account for a bit.  I didn't have the enthusiasm for the election results that I probably should have had.  I said my nightly rosary which, fitting enough, were the Sorrowful Mysteries.

Two things do stand out for me in this election than any other that I can remember.  One was divisiveness.  The biggest culprit in that was social media.  Peoples' opinions were everywhere.  I have to admit to unsubscribing to some people because they were relentless and non-stop in their opinions.  After awhile, I started thinking to myself, "Do I really know you?"

The second thing was, "How the hell did Jesse Jackson, Jr. get re-elected?"

Regardless of the outcome, as Catholics we have to remember this:

Photo: From Catholic Global Network

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