The Catholic Vote and What it Might Mean

Leo's chief aim was to sustain the unity of the Church. Not long after his elevation to the Chair of Peter, he saw himself compelled to combat energetically the heresies which seriously threatened church unity even in the West. - (from EWTN's page)

Sixteen hundred years ago, St. Leo was trying to unite the church.  Not much has changed and the election of 2012 hasn't helped much.

I've spoken with many Catholics recently.  Some Catholics appear to have their politics and religious priorities mixed up.  They speak of the president as if he is the savior.

Other Catholics are heartbroken that such a pro-abortion man could win the election with the vote of Catholics proudly behind him.

A few that I've spoken with, were actually in shock when they discovered loved ones had voted for Obama.  It changed the way they saw people that they thought they knew.  They were visibly shaken.

Me?  I wasn't surprised by the way "Catholics" voted.  Most Catholics are "in name only."  Practicing the faith would be inconvenient to them.  No time for church or prayer.  The here and now is what matters to them.

But I wonder what they will do in those last few moments before death.  Will they panic and want a priest?  Will there be one for them?

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