Love Your Neighbor. Seriously.

At last night's Mass we sang the Psalm refrain, "I love you, Lord my strength."  That's not hard, but then, of course, Jesus launches into that "loving your neighbor" thing which can be problematic to say the least.

Lots of things prevent us from loving our neighbor, our friends, co-workers and family.  Relationships become strained to the point where we no longer speak to each other.  We become hurt over the mundane to the very serious.

In my own frustrations with others, I've realized that I can't change anyone as much as I would like them to change.  Now when I pray for others, I pray that the Lord changes my own heart and my reaction to those who drive me crazy.

The last few years of my mother's life, I took care of her despite the wounds she inflicted on me over the course of my life.  It was painful beyond anything I've experienced, but my faith got me through it.  I "Hail Mary-ed" my way through it, but today's psalm could have easily been my mantra.

You can listen to Scott Hahn's reflection on today's readings here.

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