Is There a War on Christmas?

I'm sure there would be a lot of people who would debate that there is a war on Christmas (and anything to do with Christianity), but when you have a group assemble an "alternate nativity scene," and an artist depicting our President as the crucified Christ, well it does kind of make one wonder.

Long before my conversion, Christmas was just a gift-giving holiday.  But I was aware that it was celebrated by Christians as the birth of Jesus.  Even as a child, I read the Gospel of Luke around the Christmas season.  I was curious.

During the years of my unbelief, I didn't dare mock Christians or their "holidays," and I don't remember anyone else doing it either.  Except for Mad Magazine.

We live in different times.  It's trendy and hip to make fun of Catholics and Christians even at the highest level of government.

This quote, from Blessed John Henry Newman, sums it up for me:

O my dear Savior ... You are in the sacrifice of the mass, you are in the tabernacle, verily and indeed, in flesh and blood; and the world not only disbelieves, but mocks at this gracious truth ... O accept my homage, my praise, my adoration!  The more men scoff, the more will I believe in you.



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