Dedication of the Lateran Basilica in Rome

The Church is the greatest sign of the mystery of God.  For she contains the famous dimensions of love described by Saint Paul, dimensions he hopes we can attain with all of the saints.  She alone is the sign of the massive breaking open that our entire being has to undergo in order to be capable of God and God's tasks.

We will be incapable of incarnating God's love in the world, we will be incapable of bringing the Gospel, which is but the manifestation of love, to the world, if we do not first accept the incarnation of this love in the Church, in the mystical Body of Jesus Christ ...

Everything in the Church shows the movement of Christ's blood, the gestures that offer it, the places where we can place our lips to drink it and to cause it to pour forth.

This is what liturgy is ... Are we aware that liturgy is the salvation of the world?  If, through the long course of history, it was necessary to adapt the liturgy, to explain it, to translate it, and if it is once again necessary to do so in our time, it never has been and not today a question of making the liturgy more human.  It already is human, and tragically so:  it is the Passion of the Son of God made man, made continually present among us.

This is, above all, what a parish is, in the midst of a world that comprehends nothing about such things.  What else are bishops with their offices other than the faith preserved and the responsibility for the salvation that is meant to spread to the ends of the earth?  Rome, through everything else, is the love of God that has been promised to the Church for eternity.  This body wants to propagate itself.  The Church will forever aspire to the world.  She doesn't need the world in order to accomplish her mission, but without the world, she would have no mission.  The world is the stubble and the Church is the flame.

- Servant of God Madeleine Delbrel (was a French laywoman, writer, and mystic devoted to caring for the poor and to evangelizing culture) from today's Magnificat

You can read more about the Feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica here.



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