Are You Shopping Today on Black Friday?















If you're reading this, you're probably not out shopping this morning to snag that 50 inch TV for $249.  Me either.

Or maybe you've already returned home with your prized possession and you're gloating over a big plate of leftovers.

I consider myself a black belt when it comes to shopping.  The art of the deal is just that:  art.  When you snag that TV, electronic gadget, piece of jewelry (*cough*) for the best possible deal it truly is an art form.  When someone compliments me on anything I own, the first thing out of my mouth is how I snagged the deal!

The thought of shopping among the throngs of other deal seekers and traffic is not something I want to engage in.  And I could never figure out why anyone would even want to do that when the internet is literally at your fingertips.

Another interesting thought is, after spending the day giving thanks for what we have, we wake up in the middle of the night to rush out to buy more stuff.  It's just weird.

The fact that today's Gospel falls on Black Friday is kind of interesting.  I don't think Jesus would be amused by any of the shopping antics of some of us.  Granted, they are not occurring in His "house," but still ...

Today I'll put in a "princess shift" (four hours) at work and come home to the leftovers that I'm truly grateful for.  No shopping today for me.  Not even online.  I'm going to try and stretch out that one day of thanks to two.


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