A Most Amazing Saint

A Most Amazing Saint
St. Martin de Porres (Image from EWTN)

"There is another thing I have had to learn - and still need to learn far more deeply and lastingly - namely, not to foster bitterness, resentment and dislike ... This I have found very hard, but I have realized for very long that so long as these feelings were fermenting in me, I could hard expect God to answer my prayers.

About that, as about all the rest of it, I made a novena to Blessed Martin de Porres a most amazing saint, who seems to answer prayers quite irrespectively of how wicked or 'unworthy' one is.  It is that which encourages me to pray to him, and his answers are truly miraculous." - Caryll Houselander

Image from Ave Maria Press

What is Caryll Houselander doing in my head?  Apparently pointing out my shortcomings!

More about St. Martin de Porres here.

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