The 2012 Vice Presidential Debate: Biden vs. Ryan

Did you watch the debate?  I did ... with Twitter.  For those of you a tad out of the loop, Twitter is a platform of only 144 characters.  It's also much faster than Facebook depending on how many people you follow.

Because I watched the Presidential debate accompanied by Twitter, I decided to do the same last night.  In comparison, last night was a bit boring, but it had it's moments.

@CatholicReally: What are the drinking rules for tonight's debate?

@CatholicReally: Bingo!  #VPDebate

@CatholicReally: La la la la la la la la Elmo's world! RT @gvogt4: I JUST got it! Tickle-Me-Elmo is under Joe's side of the table. #VPDebate

(From Facebook) JoeBama!! JoeBama!! Eddie Munster is getting his lying a$$ handed to him!

@CatholicReally: Me either. RT @jimgeraghty: I'm sorry, after tonight I cannot support the Lehrer-Raddatz ticket.

@CatholicReally: Seriously! ;-) RT @cmreport: You know who is winning the debate? Jim Lehrer.

RT @dennisdmz: Biden just put his right eye out making the Sign of the Cross in his holding room.

RT @roeconn: Twitter is kinda predictable. Left says Biden won. Right says Ryan won. Everyone else took pictures of their dessert.

@CatholicReally: Proverbs 29:9 ;-)

And the last word from Facebook:  Psalms 109:8

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