Childlike Greatness by Saint Therese of Lisieux

O my Jesus!  what is your answer to all my follies?  Is there a soul more little, more powerless than mine?  Nevertheless even because of my weakness, it has pleased you, O Lord, to grant my little childish desires and you desire, today, to grant other desires that are greater than the universe ...

O luminous Beacon of love, I know how to reach you, I have found the secret of possessing your flame.  I am only a child, powerless and weak, and yet it is my weakness that gives me the boldness of offering myself as victim of your Love, O Jesus!  In times past, victims, pure and spotless, were the only ones accepted by the Strong and Powerful God.  To satisfy divine justice, perfect victims were necessary, but the law of Love has succeeded to the law of fear, and Love has chosen me not this choice worth of Love?  Yes, in order that Love be fully satisfied, it is necessary that it lower itself, and that it lower itself to nothingness and transform this nothingness into fire. - St. Therese of Lisieux

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