Memories of a Teachers Strike

My kids are grown and went to Catholic schools, so the current teachers strike didn't affect me personally.  But it did bring back a memory of when I was in school.

I was in high school and we were heading toward summer vacation.  Strike talks were about the coming fall semester.  Classes were winding down, so we were pretty much doing whatever we wanted during the school day:  read Ann Landers, play board games or sit and talk.

Every class I went to the teacher talked strike.  When I got to my music class something in me snapped.  The teacher launched into his spiel and I interrupted him.  I told him my dad was a laborer (who refused to join the union - you could in those days) and didn't vacation in Europe every summer (as this teacher did).

For whatever reason, the teacher let me have the last word, but that memory is as fresh as if it happened yesterday and not over forty years ago!

To this day, I don't know why my father wouldn't join the union.  I know he could have made a lot more money had he done so, but my dad was the kind of guy that stuck to his principles.  I just wish I would have asked about them.

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