Living Outside the Bubble

There are days when I wished I lived in a bubble.  A little Catholic bubble where all was right with the world and everyone went to church and life was complete bliss!

But when I read articles like this, the bubble is popped.  The article in itself is horrific.  The comments feel like knives in my heart because this is what people think of the Catholic church!

I know a lot of very good priests that are the true face of the Catholic church.  Dedicated, humble, tireless in their ministry and ABOVE REPROACH when it comes to their behavior, but sadly they suffer, too, because to some people, all are guilty.  To some in this world, no man can live without sex.

And to those whose hearts and souls were broken and betrayed by priests, we have to reach out to them, pray for them and let them know that we will not allow this to happen again.  Ever.


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