Chicago Teachers Go Back to School But Will Anything Change?

It's funny how nostalgia creeps up on you.  The teachers strike actually brought on memories of my own children being in grade school.  Our children went to Catholic school and at one time we were paying $1500 a month in tuition for all three.

How did we do that?  Well, we drove very old cars (still do) and we lived within our means.  I was a stay-at-home-mom and my husband made a modest salary.

Despite our enormous property taxes, when it came time for high school, our kids couldn't get into the public high school within walking distance of our home.  Our daughter (who was a straight A student her whole grade school years) didn't test high enough on the entrance exam.  Yet that same school took one of her classmates, a perpetual D student.  He continued that fine tradition all through high school.

Even after all these years, I guess it still bothers me that our tax dollars went to a school that our children couldn't attend.

With 4 out of 10 kids not graduating public high school, I wonder if anything will really change, except of course for the teachers and my property taxes.


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