Celebrating One Year at St. Therese

This past weekend marked the first anniversary of singing at St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church for our choir.  It seems that in life, the best things that happen to us, happen in the most extraordinary ways.

Our friend, Gent, called my husband one day.  We had not heard from him in some time, so my husband was elated when he answered the phone.  The first thing Gent said to my husband was, "St. Therese in Chinatown needs a choir for the 5 PM Saturday Mass and I immediately thought of the Joyful Noise!"  Gent told us that he had already talked to Fr. Francis Li and that we should go and meet with him.  (Gent later told us that he really felt moved by the Holy Spirit to call us and let us know about St. Therese.)

Our choir hadn't been playing regularly for some time, so a regular "gig" was exciting, but ... Chinatown?

After discussing it with our friend Karen, my husband and I went to meet with Fr. Li.  We came to an agreement with Father that we would sing for one month and if either party wasn't happy about the situation, we would part company with no hard feelings.  Our only real concern was getting there, especially in bad weather.  We live eight miles away.

After the end of the first month, Father came up to us before Mass and asked if he could take our picture.  After he took the picture, I turned to my husband and our friend Karen and said, "I think it's official.  We're the 5 o'clock choir!"  Sure enough, our picture appeared in the bulletin the following Sunday.

We've never missed a Saturday and with each passing week, the three of us have grown as musicians, but more importantly we've grown in faith.

We have sung in many churches, but we've never been more welcomed, appreciated or blessed as we have at St. Therese.

My husband and I


Angelo and Gent (Gent introduced us to Father Li)
Karen and Father Li celebrating their birthdays
Christian and Cita



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