How Catholics Can Make an Impact on Public Policy by Cardinal Timothy Dolan

The Seven "IS"

  1. Innate dignity of Human Person
  2. Human life is sacred
  3. The principle of solidarity
  4. Creator has instilled within us and within his creation an inherent order
  5. Subsidarity: the common good is best served by agencies, organizations & institution closest to the human person
  6. The preferential option for the poor/care for those left behind/ Jesus, who always seemed to have a radar for those on the side of the road
  7. Inalienable rights are given not by society, not by culture, not by government, but by the Creator himself.

The Seven "OUGHTS"

  1. We ought to be in politics
  2. We ought to bring values and convictions to politics
  3. Catholics ought to propose never impose
  4. We ought to stand for principles always above politics
  5. We ought to stress responsibility as much as rights
  6. We ought to defend the rights of others
  7. Catholics ought to stress "us" not "me"

Cardinal Dolan's presentation starts at the 35 minute mark on the video.


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