Will You Join Team Bullied?

Will You Join Team Bullied?

Me at 3.  How awesome are those red shoes?

All through grade school and high school I was bullied.  I guess I could list the "usual" reasons why I was bullied.  I was an only child and I was small for my age.  I was scared and cried easily when I was picked on, but there were other factors involved, too.

My mother didn't allow me to bathe for several weeks.  I washed my hair maybe once a year.  I was not allowed to wear clean clothes or deodorant.  Even adding those factors to the mix, I don't think you can imagine what I went through.

Me at 6 with "Lady."  Apparently I didn't own a mirror at this time.  Good thing this photo is in B&W!  Those plaids together will make you dizzy!

Over the years the name calling escalated into physical violence.  I was pushed off a five foot porch.  I was able to break my fall somehow and I wasn't injured.  I was physically attacked on the bus coming home from school.  I knew then that I might die if this kept up.

I called the police and they notified my school.  I was never bothered again.  It took years for me to truly recover.


Yes, the little girl in the pictures is smiling.

Me in High School

Even in my high school picture, I managed to smile.  Despite my home life and the bullying, the Lord blessed me with a happy outlook.

It was a long time ago.  It shouldn't still hurt.  But maybe my smile and the life I lead now, is the best revenge.

Let's stop this nonsense once and for all!  If you know a child who's being bullied, by all means speak up!  And if you know a child who IS the bully, let others know, so that child can be stopped and their life turned around.

Please join Team Bullied and learn all you can!

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