The Real Reason Katie Holmes is Divorcing Tom Cruise

I don't usually write about celebrities.  I don't like them and I don't care about them.  But the "surprise" of the TomKat divorce got me thinking.  If you don't think religion matters in a relationship just think of these two.

You might not get through the whole video.  It's hard to watch.


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  • The whole thing is very sad. Good luck, Holmes-Cruises.

  • I feel I just say through a multi-level marketing pitch. It's almost as if he is partially channeling his Frank T.J. Mackie character from "Magnolia."

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    Wow, that was 3-4 minutes of pure gibberish and I couldn't get anything he was saying. Not a whole lot convincing. I couldn't finish.

  • I'm glad Katie Holmes is strong and independent enough to leave Cruise for whatever reason. I'm sorry...but the guy's nuts!

  • I listened to the whole thing and still haven't the faintest idea what he is rambling about. What is especially disturbing is the peculiar bouts of laughter that punctuate the empty assertions.

  • One of my readers on my Facebook page said, "I listened to 6 minutes... I think that should count as penence for past sins. brutal!" I agree!

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    What he's into is a cult that especially caters to celebs - and I am relieved that the Catholic girl is getting herself out! Now, if he lets her take their daughter, and/or doesn't have extreme influence over Suri .. that's where our prayers need to especially be!

  • Tom Cruise is cray cray...

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