It's Mind Boggling: Jesse Jackson, JoePa, Chicago Violence and the Heat

Between Jesse Jackson not being at work, JoePa's halo being removed, the violence here in Chicago AND the heat, my blogging brain is on overload!

So here's the short list of comments:

  1. Jackson needs to be put on medical leave with reduced pay.  That's what us peons would have to deal with and I'm sure Junior could get by on a fraction of his $14,500 a week salary.
  2. Somebody should spray paint with black over the whole JoePa mural.  Seriously.
  3. Violence never makes any sense, but here in Chicago the increase of senseless violence has become routine.  Who is responsible for raising young men (16, 17 and 18) that decide to beat a 62 year old man to near death, film it and then put it on a Facebook page?  Maybe they should be sitting in jail right next to their child prodigies?
  4. And the heat?  Lord, just let our air conditioner last one more summer!  (It's died twice already!)

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