Fidelity, Not Power


[My] power is made perfect in weakness. (Corinthians 12:9)

Again and again, the prophets failed to convince their hearers of God's word.  To their contemporaries, and sometimes to themselves, they appeared to be failures.  Yet God worked and continues to work through their apparent weakness to transform lives.  Fidelity, not power, is the measure of the servant's success. - Today's Magnificat

I work with a woman whose life appears to be a constant disaster.  She's in a low-paying position and every time she's given an opportunity to go up a rung on the ladder, she shoots herself in the foot.

She's a Christian woman who carries her Bible with her at all times, often quoting scripture when she feels she's being oppressed which is 99% of the time.  She knows I'm Catholic and sometimes she'll come to me to talk about something that's bothering her because she's told me that she feels I understand.  Lord knows I try!

To be honest, it's hard.  She could so easily change her life and yet, she doesn't.  As close as she is to Our Lord, it appears that she's not listening to the very scripture she's memorized.

When I read the above scripture and the accompanying paragraph, it instantly reminded me of her.  I wasn't aware that her own fidelity to Our Lord is her success.  It was quite the eye-opener.

I saw her as unsuccessful according to my world view and not the success she is in Our Lord's eyes.

Learn something new everyday.  ;-)

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