Do We Need to Become Hateful Catholics?

A few years ago, my husband and I were talking about homilies.  He was seriously tired of the "love one another" shlock that was being preached from the pulpit at that time.  And to be honest, I was too.

Before you get all offended because I called "love one another" shlock it is because we were hearing the same recycled homily over and over from a pastor who was a master of the lie.

Now in today's political climate, my husband is getting angry and he can't understand why other Catholics aren't getting angry either.  We're so used to the "love one another" stuff that we've been spoon fed over the years that we forget that we can and should get angry just as Jesus did when he tossed the tables in His Father's house.

Venerable Archbishop Sheen's words make me wonder, if as Catholics, we have lost our love for the Truth.


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  • Jesus got angry at the moneychangers. It's time to get angry at the "moneychangers" again.

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    Being angry is one thing. Being hateful, another. No, we do not need more hateful Catholics. Augustine said, "Faith has two lovely daughters, Anger, for the way things are, and Hope, for the way things can be." No hate here. Poor preaching is one thing, and dismissing the law of love as schlock is another. Nothing trumps love in the gospel. Nothing. Not even truth. I don't quite get the point of this blog entry. Holding up Michael Voris as an positive example--if that is what you are doing--is a mistake. His own bishop has distanced himself from Mr. Voris' work. If the purpose of this blog is to promote Catholicism, you have missed the mark widely with this entry.

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