Can the Colorado Movie Massacre Shooter Convert?

Can the Colorado movie massacre shooter convert?  Repent?  Feel real sorrow for what he has done?  It happens:

Whoever Does the Will of the Father

Forgive me for not having written you.  I'm afraid you must have been worried.  To tell the truth, and I admit it to my deep shame, for some time things have not been going well, first of all physically, due to weakness and anemia which have made me fairly miserable, particularly in this perpetual isolation.  Then, morally, an upset which is actually over now but which left me disoriented for some time.

Instead of referring everything to God so as to be strengthened by faith, I made the great mistake of examining my situation from a human angle, looking to the future, and wishing vehemently for a kinder fate from a worldly point of view.  Of course easy solutions came to mind, acceptable at first so to speak, and then ones that were more and more evil, draiwng me once more into the quagmire of sin.  In the end, little brother, I swept all these villainous thoughts aside and climbed back up the slope with determination.  When my will no longer tended toward God, my imagination was violently assailed, and my fall was imminent.

This morning I received Communion and talked with the chaplain for a long time.  Each time he speaks with me I feel stronger.  He is so patient and gentile, and has such an understanding of human weaknesses!

                                                                                          - Jacques Fesch

Jacques Fesch (died in 1957) was a murderer who experienced a profound conversion before his execution in a French prison. - from today's Magnificat

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