How to keep gangbangers away from your kids

How to keep gangbangers away from your kids
Anne and Joachim, Jesus' grandparents. Picture from Magnificat's Facebook Page











What we know about the parents of the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, comes to us through the apocryphal gospels: Anne and Joachim are informed separately by an angel that God has blessed their union and that their unborn child will be the Mother of the Savior. As each spouse runs forth to announce these glad tidings, they fall into one another's arms in front of the Golden Gate in Jerusalem. - from July's Magnificat

Saint Anne is the patroness of Christian mothers. Both Joachim and Anne are remembered as worthy, God-fearing parents whose child was most blessed to give birth to the Savior, the Sun of Justice. He their grandson in his humanity, shines in the light in the darkness for all those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. - From today's Magnificat

Being parents and grandparents can be one of the great joys in life. It can also be the greatest heartache. Can you imagine being the parents of James Holmes, the accused Colorado shooter? Or the parents of Aliyah Shell, age 6, who was shot and killed by a stray bullet while sitting on the front porch with her mother?



Any genius want to explain to me why Chicago and DC aren't crime free?

Being a parent to me has always been about keeping my kids safe. Our neighborhood at one point, had a lot of gang activity. My sons' friends came here to play basketball in the alley behind the house. And when the gang bangers would march down the middle of our very busy street flashing signs, I kept everyone in the house while I called the police.

During this same period, the gangs would stand on various corners or in front of houses to flash their signs or run onto the street and attack a car with a baseball bat.

One particular day, two of these geniuses decided to plant themselves in front of our house. Before my husband could stop me, I put our very, big, bad dog on a leash and I was out the front door.

"You're not hanging out in front of my house," I said. They took one look at our dog and left.

Another time I came home with the dog from a walk and two thugs were draped over our fence. I walked up to the gate and said the same thing. They immediately left, but one of them said, "That's some dog you have there."

Here's my point: We were diligent in calling the police whenever there was even the hint of gang activity. If I saw a bunch of guys gathering on the corner, I called the police. If I saw them running down the middle of the street or running on the sidewalk, I called police. If I heard gunshots, I called police. If I saw them flash gang signs at passing cars, I called the police.

I wasn't about to let some thugs, who didn't work, pay taxes and just take up space threaten or harm my family.

If we don't take it upon ourselves as parents to provide minimal protection for our families, society as a whole may lose the next generation to violence.

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