Atheist Blogger, Leah Libresco Converts to Catholicism

In her initial article announcing her conversion, Libresco also acknowledged that she‘s not fully comfortable with the Catholic Church’s teachings on homosexuality. We asked her to expand upon this subject, seeing as it stands at the forefront of debate in both political and theological circles. She explained that her own sexual identity plays a role in how she understands the church’s teaching.

“I’m bisexual. Other queer people’s experience of their orientation varies, but, as far as I’m concerned, I’m bisexual because gender feels about as salient to me as hair color when it comes to looking for dates,” Libresco claims. “That means I’m already out of step with the Catholic Church before you even get up to gay marriage or any issue like that, because the Church thinks gender is much more central to someone’s identity than I do.” - Leah Libresco (interview from The Blaze)

I just love a good conversion story, don't you?  Even if someone doesn't convert to Catholicism, I find any spiritual journey fascinating whether it's reverting back to being Catholic or to another belief.

Some bloggers are actually wondering WTF:  Why the fuss? over Ms. Libresco's conversion.  Well, I guess when a prolific, atheist blogger converts to (horrors!) Catholicism, it makes news.  What I found fascinating is Leah's bisexual identity, because in today's society it's all about sex isn't it?

Now that she's labeled herself for the world to know, I'm curious to see if she actually follows Catholic teaching and ABSTAINS from all sex.


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  • Was she a Catholic before she became an atheist?

    By the way, isn't her sexual life her own business? So why does she have to be monitored to see if she "abstains" from sex?

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