Is Life Fair? Not for Tony, but He Still Trusts God

I discovered this blog, gaysubtlety (written by Tony and Jordan who are both gay and Christian) from a tweet by Steven Gershom.

Tony's struggles with his homosexuality and his Christian faith are honest and from the heart.  I hope you'll read the whole article entitled "better than fair," but this excerpt was my favorite part.

"But is life about fairness? No.

Was it fair that Jesus died on the cross for us? No. But he did, and praise God for that.

Life is not about fairness. It’s about knowing Jesus and His love for us, following Him because of that love, and giving ourselves entirely to him and his redemptive plan. And when we do that, God will do something amazing with our lives  even if we don’t see it or know what it’s going to be.

Jesus’ unfair death has saved countless lives because we serve a God of redemption.

And that’s why I trust God even though my life may seem very unfair sometimes. By following what I believe is His desire for my life (like not becoming romantically involved with a guy) He will provide me with something far more beautiful than I could have possibly come up with for myself. And that really is something to rejoice in."


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