Corpus Christi - The Body and Blood of Christ

Today we celebrate the best of what the Catholic church has to offer:  The Body and Blood of Christ!

This morning we are attending the installation of Fr. Francis Li as pastor at St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church here in Chicago.  Please pray for him and for Fr. Bernard McNally from England who is celebrating 40 years in the priesthood.  Without our priests, there is no Body and Blood of Christ!

Our body had to have it share and its perception of the Blessed Sacrament.  It is under cover of them that the Redeemer willed to be not only present, but ardently desired ... He wills to make us sharers in what is deepest down in him, deeper than thought, deeper than the very heart.  He makes us co-exist with him, he makes us share his center, his inmost life as Redeeming Christ in the very way in which he sets about making that Body is in the substance which is in us as the effect in the cause.  Not a throb of his Heart but our own can feel at the Well-Spring.  The Eucharistic Christ is precisely the same who conversed with the Apostles, but they saw him from without to within, and we entertain his, so to speak, from within to without ...

"You shall eat it up entirely," as it is written in the Book of Exodus.  Entirely shall you put it away within.  No longer for your eyes but for your nourishment, no longer for your curiosity but for your edification, no longer for your consideration but for your Faith:  no longer for your instruction but for your construction.  The Christian another Christ.  Jesus, in order to teach us to make ourselves Christians and the sort of man who says:  "I live now, not I, but Christ in me," addresses us wholly Body and Soul.  He trusts us with his own key.  He makes us do with him as to our inmost life all that makes Christ in him:  he makes us touch him with a contact infinitely more delicate and complete than that of the Apostle's fingers when they went right into the gaping wound. - Paul Claudel (poet, playwright, diplomat and member of the French Academy) From June's Magnificat

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