The Obama Catholics

I think I know several of the seventy-five percent of those Catholics who don't go to Church in Michael Voris' video.  And the moniker "Obama Catholics" literally turns my blood cold and makes my stomach churn.

In his campaign and early days of his presidency, Obama touted hope and change and when it didn't happen, he did what every other president did before him:  he blamed his predecessor.

I am a Catholic, and the only other word that should go in front of that is "Roman."

And to the geniuses out in cyberland who will comment and put their own adjective in front of Catholic:  go ahead.  I won't be reading your profound musings.  My husband might though, so I need to mention he's Italian and owns a cement mixer.  ;-)


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  • Obama has inserted himself in the history of US Presidents going back to Wilson, and I understand David Axelrod will be having Obama time travel back to the time of Jesus and adding Obama's contribution to Christianity.

    "Jesus then walked on the water." Fun Obama fact: did you know that Obama once did the same at Oak Street Beach?

  • "I am a Catholic, and the only other word that should go in front of that is 'Roman.'"

    What do you say to the Greek Orthodox Catholics?

    " I won't be reading your profound musings. "

    So you basically just want to write a blog and not interact with your audience, especially if they differ with you in any way, shape or form?

  • In reply to darkangel:

    If sibling wants to only have "Roman" in front of Catholic, that is her biz and her blog.

    What are the thoughts of the Orthodox Catholics regarding the Roman See? Some Orthodox -- not necessarily you, dark-- may only want Greek Orthodox or Orthodox in front of Catholic. That is their biz and belief, and they can certainly write a blog about it.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Her statement was a little pompous. I believe the Roman Catholic church does acknowledge other flavors of Catholicism. Also, I'm Roman Catholic, not Orthodox. See what happens when you assume though you did phrase it carefully enough to allow for some wiggle room.

    it's her blog and she can say what she wants. I would just think it's lonely only hearing from people who agree with your point of view.

  • Oh, please. You do not make yourself clear. You can beat me down if it makes you feel good, but I do not feel any guilt. How non-Catholic of me, I know. In fact, your response is a bit pompous. If only I could read as you? If only....

    FYI, the Roman See acknowledges many other denominations, but states that they are not in "full communion" with Rome. I think that goes for most Orthodox.

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