The New Evangelization of the Catholic Church

In a strange way, I've always admired the Jehovah Witnesses and other people of faith who went door to door to evangelize.  That takes guts that I just don't have.

My father-in-law relished any knock on the door that challenged his Catholic beliefs.  He would whip out his bible and go head-to-head with anyone who disagreed with the Church.  It got to a point where the evangelists stopped coming.  I think he was disappointed.

If you ask me about my faith, I will be glad to tell you why I converted and most importantly, stayed converted.  My biggest frustration comes from those who claim to be Catholic, but do not practice.

Practice is the key word here.  Here's a great quote from Fr. Benedict Groeschel, "One thing that is not being tried in any particularly enthusiastic way by people who call themselves Catholic is Catholicism."  And from C. S. Lewis, "Some find it natural to approach God in solitude but we must also go to church."

The first step to actually practicing the faith is to get your rear end in the pew.  Once you're there, open the missalette and follow along with the readings.  Then the important part comes:  Communion.

We are nourished by our Lord like no other denomination of Christianity.  We believe in the body and blood of Christ!  That will bring you as close to Jesus as you can get!

Adults usually like to do things well.  You work hard at your career and balancing your family life.  You might work hard on your house to get it just right, but what about your soul?  Somewhere along the way to adulthood, the care of your soul slipped through the cracks.

Think about it.  Decide to start attending Mass.  Pick a time and the church that's most convenient for you.  Check out the bulletin of that parish and see if there are things that you would like to participate in.  Community is so important to growing in faith.  The faith of others can help your own spiritual journey.

For me, convincing someone who is Catholic to go back to church is really difficult.  I'd prefer to keep my mouth shut and hopefully, by the way I lead my life (mistakes and all) they may be intrigued enough to give it another try.

You can find out more about the new evangelization here.



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    Most Jehovah's Witnesses are compelled to proselytize because the Watchtower leaders have indoctrinated them that the way to salvation is peddling company literature.
    Remember the JW unique message is a false Gospel,that Jesus had his *invisible* second coming October 1914 and the JW were the only ones to 'discern' it.
    Matthew 7:15-16 'be on the watch for the false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing....'
    Been there-Danny Haszard dannyhaszard(dot)com

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    If the RCC was to proselytize door to door they should use the nuns.If I opened the door and saw a Nun it would be disarming and I would intently listen that one time.If they came around 2-4 times a year like we did as Jehovah's Witnesses then it becomes annoying.

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    Included among Jehovah's Witnesses are many well-intentioned people but also those who have been and sometimes still secretly are child molestors, rapists, murderers and the like. Christ at Luke 10:7 tells his apostles to not be going door to door. He and they could and did go from a house in one town to a house in another where people welcomed them, which is different from knocking on every door including of those not welcoming them.

    CATHOLIC CHARITIES by its acts of kindness to those of all belief systems (and none) do a far better witnessing than JWs whose Watchtower corporate heads are selfish, pressure JWs to make money for them constantly. As Danny says, nuns coming once a year might work, but the type of house-to-house canvassing done multiple times a year by JWs including ALL JWs (pedophiles etc too) is not the way to go.

    All Christians are encouraged to do acts of kindness but incessant door-knocking isn't that kind if you think about it. Many JWs don't like having to do it as they suffer panic attacks and the like, but do it anyway for to not do so brings cold-shouldering and may lead to being disfellowshipped which is shunning done extremist style such that they will lose normal access to and socializing with JW family and friends. Now you know.

  • Judge a trees integrity by examining its leaves. Examine the pages of Watchtower publications. This seasons leaves should suffice, but if you feel you need to examine our history, you'll find a blessed quest for truth. Regards.

  • Sometimes the best thing we can do when we are tongue tied and wanting to break the ice is to share the right book with that person. In this case I would like to recommend a little known new book called 'Graffiti On My Soul' by Johanna which is a God-send for stirring up the ashes of faith. The later Cardinal Avery Dulles said that the living witness of faith lived and experienced is a powerful way of reaching people's hearts. In this case, 'Graffiti On My Soul' is an excellent tool for the new evangelization because it reads like a gripping novel (and it is true--a spiritual suspense memoir) so that it grabs the reader, but is also drenched with Catholicism. For those that loved The Shack, this is better, it is true and it is Catholic. Check out the reviews on Amazon, and keep one handy to share with those who are standing uncertainly on the fringes of faith--it is very powerful and is certain to provoke fruitful discussion!

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