Parenting With A Parachute and Trying Not to Drink and Swear

Time magazine, in all it's infinite wisdom decided to put this picture on it's cover.  Let the "mommy wars" begin!

Here on ChicagoNow, we have a lot of Parenting blogs.  Everything you've always wanted to know about raising kids can be found right here and just a click away.

I don't read these blogs often.  Not because I don't support my fellow bloggers, but because as you can see from the picture, our kids are grown.

One of my fellow bloggers asked me if the time flies by that quickly.  Yes it does!  It doesn't seem that long ago that my sons (thirteen months and one day apart) were both in different sized diapers and clothing.  I didn't carry a diaper bag around, I carried a duffle bag!  By the time our daughter came around (seven years after my oldest), I was a pro at packing what she (and I) needed for any kind of outing no matter how long the duration.

I was a stay-at-home mom, so I have a lot of wonderful memories.  Our kids weren't over-scheduled.  My husband and I let them pick and choose their activities and if they didn't like it, well there was always playing basketball outside in the alley or capture the flag.

Our house was the place where everyone gathered and it still is.  Even after all these years, some of the faces haven't changed.

When my sons first started working, they bought their own video game system and games.  My husband and I made a point of not doing that.  They were the only kids who didn't have Nintendo or Playstation while growing up.

Despite the fact that I had a horrendous relationship with my mother, my daughter and I are very close.  As a parent, it is the one thing I am most proud of.

So, to all of you with little ones:  cherish them during this time, it does go by very fast.  Don't be too distracted by the so-called wars.  Follow your gut.  Be the best parent you think you can be and don't worry too much about your mistakes.  Those are inevitable.

The reward is what you see in my picture.  My husband and I have three wonderful children who are decent people.  We have amazing conversations with them that sometimes leave our jaws hanging.

We didn't do this alone.  Our parachute was God.  Through prayer, God guided our parenting and we stayed close to our faith for strength during our children's growing up years.  We were blessed through the journey.

When our kids see me at home with a drink in my hand, they walk away.  And on that rare occasion when I'm mad enough to swear at them, they scatter like the little rug rats they are.

Yep, still blessed.  ;-)

(You can read Moms Who Drink And Swear here and thanks to Beth Rago from Parenting Without a Parachute for the tweets that inspired this post.)



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  • Pam! I am so glad I inspired you to write and loved that you shared your beautiful family with me. It does seem like the days are long but the years are flying by. I know I will be happy when everyone is self sufficient (like wiping their own tooshes and making their own breakfasts) but I am sure I will miss helping their sweet little faces with those everyday tasks! Continued blessings to you and your family.
    PS-thanks for the shout out! :)

  • In reply to Beth Rago:

    Your welcome! ;-)

  • I so agree that we shouldn't get too distracted by these so-called Mommy wars. After all, they're driven by the media and we fall right into their traps when we do.

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