Lord, Get Us to the Church on Time During the NATO Summit!







As you may have heard the NATO summit is being held here in Chicago.  I couldn't have cared less except for the fact that my husband, myself and a friend of ours sing at St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church in Chinatown at the 5 PM Mass today just blocks from McCormick Place where the summit will be held.

We live just off the Kennedy near Diversey and if we leave our house at 3 PM, we usually arrive at church at about 3:20 or at the latest 3:30.  If we leave our house at 4 PM, we will walk in the door at two minutes before five!  And that's normal Saturday traffic!

So we have planned two different routes and we're bringing the GPS for traffic updates.  We're also leaving our house at 2:30 and the pastor is going to let us know of any last minute street closings in the area.

Chicago traffic can be brutal on any given day.  If you add an "event" to that, you're spending most of your time sitting in traffic.

If you're visiting, I understand you want to see this great city of ours. There's an abundance of food and things to do and see here.

And if you're so inclined, join us for Mass today.  You may need the spiritual lift after dealing with all the stress!

Gift from Al Capone's Mother

Just a note:  The crucifix (pictured above and taken by me) at St. Therese's Chinese Church was a gift from Al Capone's mother.  They attended Mass together when St. Therese was called St. Maria Incoronata.

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