Adios Latino Catholics

Years ago, my husband and I belonged to a parish with a large Hispanic population.  Some of them started leaving to start their own churches in little store fronts in the neighborhood.  Our associate pastor at the time was frustrated by their exodus.  It didn't seem to matter what he said they still left.

Their reasons were numerous and varied.  Some felt they were getting God's call to lead their own flock which seemed more ego driven to me.  Others felt the Catholic church wasn't Bible based.

And then there was the issue of money.  Even though the Hispanic Mass drew 400 people, there was rarely more than fifty bucks in the collection as opposed to the English Masses.  The handful of elderly English-speaking parishioners gave much more.  When the pastor published the breakdown of the collection no one was embarrassed ... or surprised.

After hearing about another small group leaving to start their own infamous store front church, I asked the associate pastor what he said to them.

"What I'm going to tell them from now on," he said.  "You're leaving the Eucharist.  Period."

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