The War on Women and St. Gianna Berretta Molla

At a doctor's visit when my daughter was about five years old, the doctor asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up.  "A doctor or a lawyer?" he asked.  "No," my daughter answered.  "I want to grow up and be a mommy, just like my mommy!"

The doctor actually wrinkled his nose, but I couldn't have been more proud of her!

In preparation for my daughter's confirmation about ten years ago, I gave her a book about saints to help her pick a confirmation name.  I told her to read through it and see which saint spoke to her.

I don't remember the name of the book, but in it, my daughter found St. Gianna.  At the time Gianna was not yet declared a Saint, but "Blessed."  I was surprised and very pleased that my daughter would pick a modern woman for her confirmation name.

At my daughter's confirmation, her sponsor, my husband and I approached the bishop.   While anointing each candidate, he asked them about their name choice and what the saint meant to them.  In my daughter's case, the bishop had not heard of Gianna Berretta Molla.  She explained who Gianna was and why she had chosen her.  The bishop was impressed.

St. Gianna's choices in life may not be understood by all women, but her strong faith and love of family is something all women can aspire to.

We live in an era where there is a a continued back and forth about a "war on women."  As women and especially Catholic women, we need to be united.

Yesterday was St. Gianna's feast day.  St. Gianna pray for all women!

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