The After-glow of Easter

After Christmas I always feel a bit let down.  It seems I plan for months (not really, it only seems that way) and it's over within a few minutes.  When our children were little it was more chaotic but I still had that let down feeling when it was all over.

Christmas morning would be spent under mounds of wrapping paper.  After cleaning up, we would head to my in-laws for more of the same and then dinner.  The next few days we would watch our children playing with all the stuff.  And then it would all be a distant memory.

Easter was never a favorite holiday of mine.  I preferred Christmas.  But this Easter was different and I'm still basking in the after-glow.

This is the first Easter since I went back to work that I took the day off.  I wanted a real Easter.  Our choir wasn't singing, so I wanted to dress up and go to Easter Mass just as a parishioner.  Last year I had to rush to Mass (in my uniform) and rush to work.  Ugh!

This year we went to the church within walking distance of our house and our former parish.  What was once a vibrant House of God, is now a shell of it's former self.  But Easter Sunday we were surprised to see the church almost full!

The homily was short and to the point.  The music, which in the past has been painful to even listen to, was actually pleasant.  For the first time since I can remember, I left that church feeling, well resurrected!

When Lent started, I groaned, "It's going to be a long Lent!"  It went by so fast, I'm a little taken aback!

This great "after" feeling is still with me and I feel exhilarated in Spirit.  I'm not sure what happened, but I'm anxious to see what the Lord has in store for me!


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