Sitting Bull Was A Catholic ... Really

Sitting Bull (sitting) wearing his crucifix.

I wrote this last year.  I have since bought the biography mentioned here, but haven't read it yet.

I was reading Taylor Marshall's article about Sitting Bull wearing a crucifix in this often used, but cropped photo of him.  I stared at it for the longest time, completely fascinated.  I then moved up his biography on my wish list from a low to high priority.  Matt Archbold wrote an equally fascinating blog about six of the most unexpected Catholics (which lead me to the Sitting Bull article).  I was only familiar with one of the conversion stories.

If you are a convert to the Catholic faith, you think your own story is the most unbelievable.  How can anyone travel so far from the depths of sin and suddenly find themselves Catholic?  God's Mercy and His Grace does a bold waltz with the devil to see who gets your soul.

The only thing standing in their way is your free will.


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  • Would that make him a Papal Bull?

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