Servant of God: Fr. Augustus Tolton

Father Augustus Tolton has been declared a "servant of God" by the Catholic Church.  That means an investigation phase can "go forward" according to Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Perry, postulator of the cause.

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It is the first step of four to sainthood.  The following stages of canonization are:  Venerable, Blessed and then Saint (after a second miracle is attributed to the intercession of the "Blessed").

Archbishop Fulton Sheen's status as "servant of God," has overshadowed Fr. Tolton.  When I was a kid everyone watched Fulton Sheen on television whether you were Catholic or not.  I had never heard of Fr. Tolton until fairly recently, but his story is a fascinating one.  Just how does a young slave grow up to become a Catholic priest?

Part of being Catholic is knowing the Saints, so I hope you'll bookmark Fr. Tolton's biography and read it at your leisure.

It seems a bit hard to believe, but we all have the potential for sainthood.  All the saints started out like we did.

So what are you waiting for?



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