No One Wanted Her to Marry Him: The Tragedy of the Jennifer Hudson Family Murder

On Monday (April 23), the focus rested squarely on Jennifer Hudson. Dressed all in black and wearing little make-up, the Academy Award-winning actress struggled at times to maintain her composure during a half an hour on the witness stand. Her voice cracked as she described how no one in the family wanted her sister, Julia, to marry Balfour.

"We didn't like the way he treated her, and I didn't like the way he treated my nephew," she testified. - Story by Jason Meisner and Stacy St. Clair, Chicago Tribune reporters 

"No one in the family wanted her sister, Julia, to marry Balfour."  It's probably a more common statement than people realize.  Just substitute different names. Unfortunately, in the Hudson family murder trial, the bad boyfriend becoming the bad husband was lethal.

Women "in love" rarely listen to their families.  I'm not sure why the mindset is so strong that a woman would ignore the people that love her the most and marry a man that no one approved of.

Part of it might be, "I'll prove you wrong.  He'll change for me."  Or, "My love will change him."  And maybe that's the key word:  change.  Why would someone you love have to change so your family would accept him?

I used to work for a bakery part time.  I did office work for them.  One morning, the boss got a call to put on hold a wedding cake that was to be delivered that day.  After he got off the phone I asked him what happened.

The family of the bride had kept her up through the night before the wedding.  They were vehemently opposed to the marriage and they were trying to get her to cancel the wedding.

At first I was appalled.  How dare they interfere with her life and the life of her future husband?  Even if the marriage failed, it really wouldn't be any of their business, would it?

Maybe the situation went beyond petty family interference.  I never did find out, but the bakery got another call and the cake was canceled and donated to a shelter.

Maybe the family saved her life.


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