Is Our Economy Being Strangled by Entitlements?

A brief conversation with one of my co-workers revealed that she has a Link card.  I work with a lot of people who have a Link card, but this particular situation was a big surprise to me.

This young woman works 32-40 hours which is considered full-time.  She's also a manager in her department. She is a single mother of one.  She has worked for the company more than twice as long as I have.

I work part-time.  My pay does not cover groceries and would only pay for a half of a tank of gas for my car.  My family would be on the streets if we depended on my income.  My husband is the "bread-winner" and has been for the 30 years of our marriage.

In Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points the other day, he asks the question, "Is our entitlement society strangling the US economy?  I would say yes, but I would also ask the question, "Why can't a company pay a full time employee enough to buy food?"


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  • When are Catholic women going to stand up and say enough to the male dominated Catholic church? 2 recent articles in our local news angered me so much I just had to write someone and question why women would contribute to or go to mass. A teacher in the South Bend archdiocese was fired from her job because she had invetro and admonished as a bad person (can't remember the exact phrases used). The vatican has deployed an archbishop to correct the doctrinal errors of the largest organization of Catholic nuns. Their sins? Radical feminism! OMG These are the same men who by ignoring and not reporting to civil officials priests that sexual abused our children! What hypocrates!

  • In reply to mmarshall:

    Thanks for stopping by. I will write about the nuns tomorrow. ;-)

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