Experiencing the Real Presence

My daughter and I had a long conversation the other night.  It was about a lot of things, but one of the subjects we talked about was her experience of going to church.

Our Warrior

As a 21 year old woman, she is the only person in her group of friends that attends Mass regularly.  It irritated the heck out of her when her friends proclaimed what they were giving up for Lent when Mass attendance was non-existent in their life.  But when she called them "non-practicing Catholics," they were offended.  It didn't make sense to her.

She told me about her experiences attending Mass.  She prefers to go alone.  Anyone else with her is a distraction.  Even when she goes with her Dad and I to hear us sing, she can't seem to focus.

When she's alone, she feels the Real Presence of Our Lord.  When listening to the homily, her questions are answered.  There are times when she would like to sit in the church alone and take His Presence in.

Picture from EWTN

My daughter's friends don't understand any of this, but she soldiers on.  Peer pressure in this area doesn't effect her.

After our conversation, I had to smile.  I'm at the point in my life where now I'm being taught by my children.

Sing and rejoice, O daughter Zion!  See, I am coming to dwell among you, says the Lord. (Zec. 2:14)

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