What are the practices of Lent?

Fr. Barron always seems to have that clarity, simplicity and enthusiasm for the practices of our faith that gets lost when our world seems to be crashing in around us.  I've started some of these practices and they have really strengthened me.  And surprisingly, I have enjoyed my faith so much more!

I started saying the rosary every evening and I find that I look forward to it and no matter how tired I am, I still do it.  Attending Stations this Lenten season has also helped take my focus off other things and bring it back to Our Lord.

Whenever I make a purchase, I kick in that extra buck for the suggested charity.  I'm going to try and increase that in the coming days.

Such little things that we can do, but the rewards and benefits are so worth that bit of effort!  It's not too late to start!


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  • Ever read "The Story of a Soul", by Therese of Lisieux? It's the "little ways" and Lent all year in her philosophy. A brilliant mind and only 24 when she died.

    Nice article.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    No I haven't, but it is on my wish list. Thanks for stopping by. ;-)

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