The End is Near! Life as We Know it Ends ...

On March 30th.  It's the day me and some of the ChicagoNow bloggers will be freaking out.  Why?  Facebook has decided to convert all pages to it's new "timeline."

I "previewed" my Being Catholic ... Really page the other day and just about died!  First of all, it's way too busy on the eyes and you really don't know where to look first.  Second, it takes forever to load and I haven't even set it up yet!  But it seems that Facebook, in all it's wisdom, has decided we will not have a choice.

I did set up a Google + page.  I like the way it looks and it's easy to use, but to be honest, it's a ghost town over there.  When I let my FB readers know of the new page, their first question was, "You're not leaving Facebook are you?"

No, I'm not.  Before writing this blog, I was not on Facebook and had no intentions of ever being there.  MySpace was something our daughter used.  I used it to look up concert dates for local bands here in Chicago on there.  But after a while, no one was updating their pages.

I always thought Facebook was for college kids, but when I started this blog, it was strongly recommended that I set one up.  It was pretty sad at first, but I got the hang of it and now it is my life line for information for my blog and a connection to my readers and other bloggers on ChicagoNow.

I remember when Facebook announced the timeline change would happen on February 1st.  Then the 15th.  So I'm hoping that they'll have a change of heart and give us a choice.

I'm going to wait till the last minute in case they do have a change of heart, but if on March 31st, you go to my page and wonder what the hell is going on ... bear with me.  I'll probably be having a major meltdown, laying on the floor, half conscience, moaning, "Jimmy ... help me!"

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