The Catholic Church: Are We Going to Have it "Our Way?"

Years ago I was a Eucharistic Minister.  I gave it up when I got into music ministry.  During my time as a Eucharistic Minister I did witness abuses, but I left it up to the priests to handle things.

I never refused anyone communion, but I have had people refuse to come to me because they didn't believe anyone but a priest should be giving out the sacrament.  One time when that happened, the priest covered his bowl and directed that person to me.  You should have seen the look on their face!

I remember being in the office of the rectory of our old parish when a call came in to arrange a baptism.  The secretary took down the information and gave it to the Associate Pastor.  He later refused to baptize the baby.  Why?  The family lied to him about details concerning the godparents.  Instead of choosing different godparents, they went to another parish.  And lied again.

This brings to mind Fr. Marcel Guarnizo's being put on administrative leave for refusing Barbara Johnson communion at her mother's funeral and his public statement about what happened.

What are our responsibilities as Catholics when it comes to the Eucharist or any aspects of the Church?  Can we really believe in a blend of religions and still participate in the most sacred of sacraments?  As Catholics, are we going to stamp our feet like spoiled little children and want our religion "our way" bending the rules to suit our needs?

Or are we going to protect our Church and it's teachings even if it means going to jail ... or worse?



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