Reflections Toward the End of Lent

I'm sitting here with my morning "joe" reflecting on the fact that Lent is almost over.  My daughter reminded me the other day that in the beginning of the season I groaned, "This is going to be a long Lent!"  And now Easter is a mere ten days away!

This Lenten season was different from the Lents of the past.  My husband and I were able to attend Stations regularly and our choir was singing again, so carefully picking the music for Mass became more poignant.

My daughter and I attended the Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally here in Chicago.  It was an incredible experience for both of us!  Seeing and hearing people of different faiths stand with the Catholic Church left an impression that neither my daughter and I will soon forget.

Since returning to work four years ago, I have worked every Easter Sunday.  I have gone to Mass in a rush, uniform hidden by a coat and then rushed to work.  It hardly seemed like Easter.  So this year, I took the day off, treated myself to new shoes and a purse and I will be able to go to Mass as a parishioner.

What did I learn during these last thirty days?  Well, that I can still be an angry Catholic for one.  By participating in the rally, I learned to be a Catholic of action.  In the thirty years since my conversion, I had never done anything quite like that!

The opportunity to return to music ministry is probably the greatest gift of this season.  To be a part of a vibrant parish and contribute to their spiritual needs has been a true blessing.

So how is your Lent fairing?  Have you accomplished what you set out to do?  Do you feel it was a "Lent well spent?"  Or do you feel something is lacking?

You have ten days.  There's still time.


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