"To Stop the Multiplication of the Unfit"

And that's not all she said!  Read this eye-opening article here.

Growing up in the era when "The Pill" was first introduced and Roe V. Wade was passed, I had no idea who this woman was and didn't care.

I do now.

Funny isn't it, that she's rarely mentioned?


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  • I'm not real sure where exactly the orphanage is, but I have seen pictures of Margaret Sanger queued with orphan children outside the children's shelter. I believe the orphanage was in New Jersey, but it has been sold to another organization other then the Catholic Church. The article about the sales said Sanger's identity and purpose was not quiet understood. It bothers me about newly rising information on Planned Parenthood published on a UTube video. Deeply vulgar! If you are interested the title is 'Hooking Kids on Sex' described as a Valentine's Day gift.

  • i'll have to re-listen to the Mike Wallace interview of Margaret Sanger. It's over 8 minutes but I don't recall her saying the things your linked article attributes to her.

    I do think it is interesting that initially the Church tried simply to prohibit the distribution of information about the The Pill rather than the pill itself.

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