Some of The Pro-Lifers are STILL Complaining!

Since the Susan G. Koman Foundation decided to defund Planned Parenthood the Catholic world seems to be in a real tizzy and the fur was flying in every direction.  I did hear that three Planned Parenthood affiliates will be exempt:  Denver (Colorado), Orange County (California) and Waco (Texas),  because they served clientele with few other breast-screening options.

On the other side, pro-abortionists, after blasting Komen on Facebook and Twitter, hacked into the Komen's web site,

I thought Abby Johnson (pro-life advocate and former Planned Parenthood employee) said it best:

"When a HUGE organization stops giving more than $500,000 to Planned Parenthood AND stops their support for embryonic stem cell research, then we as pro-lifers need to SUPPORT them! It does not do any good to be skeptical or nit-picky. Don't you understand how much criticism for this decision? And then pro-lifers also continue to criticize them?? What do you want? We said we wanted them to stop funding PP and they did!!!! SUPPORT KOMEN AND THEIR AWESOME DECISION!!"

It seems ridiculous doesn't it?  As Zig Ziglar once said, "Some people find fault like there's a reward for it."

I was never a big fan of the Susan G. Koman Foundation.  I felt that they got too big for their britches and had lost sight of the cure for breast cancer.  Now that they have some extra money to spend, they can get back to why they started in the first place and maybe help smaller organizations who fight other forms of cancer.

So now that the prayer has been answered, let's pray that we can all get along, because that's where the reward will be.

Please wear RED today to support and remind women to take care of their hearts.  I'll be dripping in rubies!



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  • Convservatives complain about everything. We should expect nothing else from them.

  • In reply to Andy Frye:

    Generalize some, Andy?

    We know that no liberals or progressives ever have a complaint on their lips -- at least none that are reasonable or logical.

  • well according to the Chicago Tribune and other sources, the decision has been reversed.,0,2685675.story

    I guess what you said the other day about never doubting the power of prayer is true.

  • I find it interesting that those who are pro-choice have nothing to say about Obama directing that all Catholic institutions that provide insurance must cover contraception.

    The issue is not whether Catholics use it -- many do. The real issue is what else can the state dictate upon religious organizations? What about the separation of church and state? Does it only work one way?

    I would think that if some sister willingly belonged to the Catholic religion and supported its stance on birth control, that the same liberal and progressive women who railed against Susan G. Koman would find fault with Obama and ObamaCare and its no-exception mandates.

    But, alas, no.

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