Bumper to Bumper on the Communication Highway

Navigating social media when you're not exactly a twenty-something (*cough*) can be a challenge.  Because of my blog, I've learned to use WordPress,  Facebook, twitter, TweetDeck and Google +!  Whew!  Stand back.  I think my brain is going to explode!

My biggest problem (outside of writing every day) is managing my news feeds.  The communication highway can get bumper to bumper and occasionally I have to clean it out to get to the stuff I really need for my blog.  You couldn't get me near any of this stuff before I started writing.

After finally settling it all in, and using TweetDeck as my primary source, I noticed not everyone was showing up on the news feed there.  After asking one of my colleagues why I couldn't see her and others, she answered that it might be privacy settings.

Not a problem.  When I really need to see someone's news feed, I'll go back to my personal Facebook page and check.  Or here's a novel idea:  I'll call them up and we can have dinner together!

Like life, the social network is filled with people we don't necessarily want to hear from.  Maybe you have a vacuous friend in your news feed that makes Kim Kardashian look like a candidate for sainthood.  Or the friend who is constantly re-tweeting comments that not only not pertain to your life, but gives out way too much information on themselves and others.

I realize this is a two way highway, and I could be the one getting on your last nerve in your news feed.  But if you signed up for my blog, I think you know what you're in for.

The final tipping point in this whole process was when another colleague here at ChicagoNow wrote an article similar to my train of thought.  Ah!  Light bulb moment!

For me, the overcrowded news feed was certainly annoying, but primarily it takes me away from my focus of writing about my faith.

And after thinking about it a little more, I began to smile.  I think our Lord deliberately shut the door on those things I just don't need to see.


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