Was Jesus a 'Funny Guy'?

I always felt that Jesus must have had a sense of humor.  Why would anyone follow Him around for three years if He didn't?

I wrote a post about this last year.  What do you think?

And thanks to Warren for posting this clip.  ;-)


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    Yes. Being funny is definitely a requirement to being a God. That is why we follow comedians around all the time.

  • Maybe they'll find among the scrolls a Gospel According to Hilarius.

  • I saw Him at Zanies once.

    The audience thought it was a joke when he said He'd bring the house down. He apologized to crowd when the ceiling caved, and did say he'd rebuild in in three days, but I'm not sure He ever dealt with union masons. Not to mention the city building inspector, who was insulted with only the 30 coin pay-off some Judas guy brought him.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    I think I remember that one. I was drinking bloody Mary's at the time so my memory is a little hazy. I have a vague recollection of staggering out into the street and seeing a lot of cops with their swords, excuse me, night sticks drawn. The crowd stampeded followed by a guy carrying a large wooden cross out the door. It was all pretty surreal.

  • ^^^James Taylor, Aquinas wired, and Richard Davis are all definitely going to hell.

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    In reply to gwill:

    what is hell?

  • We are already submitting for "Hellnow.com Blog".

  • All of you need to get together and take this act on the road! ;-)

  • In reply to siblingless:

    The Comedy Apostles are set to hit the road. First stop is Damascus. We need a few more jokers to round it out to twelve,

  • thanks for that post. I think Jesus was funny. Many of the great comedians today are Jewish. I admit I never thought about it until reading this. Hey if you would like I'll be running my Lisleman's Left-over Laughs in a day or two. It's over at A Few Clowns Short. Please link this post up to share a laugh or at least the thought of a laugh.

  • Of course he was funny, he was born with a Jewish sense of humor, for Chrisake. Some of his jokes were a little on the subtle side, though. You might not really get them until 2 or 3 days later.

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