Martha's Dream by Alberto Boccino

MARTHA’S DREAM… is a Pro-Life Poem. The Unborn Child tells his own Story told from within his Mother's Womb.

Martha his mother, is confused and frustrated because he was not planned.

She consults with an Abortion Clinic but is then shown God's Truth and Love;

~ through the Prayers and Actions of Pro-Life Defenders of Human Life

~ through her unknown Aborted brother who comes to her in a dream

~ through the example of her Grandmother, an African American Slave who risked her life to escape from her Slave Master rather than Abort her baby or watch the baby grow up a slave.




(Pt Fear of The Culture of Death)


I did not choose to be here, but like you I was Created

A Gift from God to Mom and Dad, my Life is truly Sacred,

I live inside a Human Womb, as did all the Human Race

I Pray that I will see Mom soon, to feel her warm embrace.


By God’s Gift of Pro-Creation… through my parents’ Sexual Act

I am CLEARLY quite ALIVE… Medical Scans CONFIRM this Fact,

It’s exactly how YOU started, just like Everyone on earth

I’m exactly where you were… those Vital months before your Birth.


I'm a Little Human Being... a Living Baby trying to greet you
But I'm not so sure how long I've got, or if I'll ever meet you,
Why am I so Pessimistic ... sadly sounding like a Cynic?

Because I'm on my way to Auschwitz.... a.k.a. the Abortion Clinic.

Mother's booked a 'consultation'… of course I have to go as well
I wish she’d call in at the Church, instead of driving straight to ‘Hell’
She’s unaware that their ‘advice’, is devoid of Human Love
It's the same old Nazi Doctrine - "God's BENEATH us.. NOT Above!!

As she opened the car door, some folks were Praying by the gate
They handed her a Leaflet with… “Choose Life it's not too Late.”
A daunting Baby’s Photo, gets her attention from the Cover
What was he trying to say?… later that night she would discover.


We step into the Clinic, a Soulless Air of Death abounds

Like a Graveyard with no names, a Funeral march without a sound

They console her and convince her, justifying her self defenses

But the Taking of a Life, is NEVER free of consequences.
As the Consultant ‘passes sentence!’.. Mother's trust gives way to fear
She holds the Leaflet staring, at that Baby through her tears,
The Consultant’s Look of Guilt, suggests he knows a little more

Did he Take Away that Baby’s Life ... upstairs on the Second Floor?


They tell Mom it's HER choice, to have ME killed and then Aborted
If I could speak out loud, would my Objection be reported?

So I communicate with God, I Pray that HE will send a sign
Please Mom don't take this cruel advice.. it's not your life it's Mine.


Back at home the day is ended, Mother makes her way upstairs
When a voice inside her whispers, ‘Don't forget to say your Prayers’
She rests her head upon the pillow, will she Pray a little maybe?
Or just believe what THEY believe?... 'It's NOT a HUMAN Baby..!!'

(Pt Hope in The Gospel of Life)


She closed her eyes and drifted off, I could hear her racing heart
I was used to this by now, it's how the dreams would usually start,
Teardrops began to leave her eyes, then flowed down like a stream
I knew that something wasn't right... this was no ordinary Dream..!!

That BABY’S FACE appeared to her, she rolled violently on the bed
It felt like a roller coaster… then the Baby smiled and said...
<I've been sent to warn you MARTHA, Abortion Doctrine is Distorted
Sorry I have No Name... I'm YOUR BROTHER that Mom ABORTED!!>


<Before my Death I cried to Mom, but she couldn't hear my voice:

“Please do not CHOOSE to kill me… I'm a CHILD and NOT a CHOICE,

I'm a HUMAN with POTENTIAL... NOT a Potential Human Being

If you ignore these simple Facts, then it's yourself you are deceiving..”>


<“Mom! surely I deserve the chance, that your Mother gave to you

She couldn't wait to hold you... Mommy don't you want this too..?”

Then they HIT her with the LINE… “We can Terminate the Pregnancy”

It sure beats “We can KILL ... Your Living BABY in its INFANCY..!!">


<No-one had ever told our Mom, so she’d never really heard

How these Clinics TRAIN their staff, in the CLEVER [ab]use of WORDS..!!


They keep their 'Clients' always CALM... never Scared and never Frantic.>


<OH! So I wasn’t ALIVE inside the Womb??… OH!- BIRTH is when LIFE starts??

..Then WHY at 18 DAYS did GOD ... START the BEATING in my HEART..!!??

And WHY NOT show the SCAN to Mom ... when I sucked my THUMB that time?

..Because by Keeping me well OUT of SIGHT... they Keep me OUT of MIND!!>


<They Labeled me a BALL of CELLS... yet I was Living;Growing;Leaping

Once the Seed of Life is Sown… its Natural Course is Fruitful Reaping..!!

But like Board Directors they decided, I was ‘Abstract Foetal Tissue’

A Bad Debt or a Liability ... a mere Financial Market Issue.>


<Another Assistant told our Mom ... “It’ll be over in a flash…

We accept Amex or Visa… Mastercard and even Cash.”

You see Abortion is big business, hence they NEVER see MY side..

What if the BABY PAID the Bill??… would this Stop the GENOCIDE?>


<But like ‘Breaking Up’ a Company, when The Stock goes through the Floor

They RIP my Limbs and BREAK my Skull, YET they do not Break the LAW

These WORDSMITHS were NOT Aborted... and cannot prove there is NO PAIN

So they ASSUME I never SCREAMED, when the Abortionist PIERCED my Brain.>


<They call this CRIME ‘Pro-CHOICE’, but really mean Pro-DEATH instead

Mom got HURT,the Doc got RICH....... I LAY on the table DEAD..!!
Well I never knew you SISTER, but I will always be your BROTHER
Don't make the same mistake, as our confused but precious Mother.>

<I'll never breathe fresh air, or ever see the morning sun
I'll never play or crawl, I'll never walk and never run,
I'll never go to school, learn how to read or how to write
I will never be a father, because they Took Away my LIFE.>


<God placed me in your Dream, so you could share my Sacrifice

Sweet Martha please don't Copy Mom, she has paid a Heavy Price,

Abortion KILLED our Mother’s LOVE, and so she couldn’t give you any

Psychologically.. it’s REJECTION, and has become the Wound of Many.>


MOMMY’S DREAM has finally ENDED..!! but the tears continue falling

Then from the Picture on the wall, she could hear her Grandma calling…

“I was an African American, truly a Scared and Pregnant SLAVE

Don’t EVER forget why you are HERE… because YOUR MOM I Fought to SAVE..!!”


She had made a CHOICE nine months before, so she took the Consequence

Today SOME use Sex like a Sport, then ‘Destroy the Evidence,’

She could NOT kill an Innocent Child, instead she raised her up with Passion

Today it’s ‘cool’ to Self-Indulge … Ha! but TRUTH is Not a Fashion!!


Not long ago she had NO RIGHTS, because her Color wasn’t ‘right’

Then came the turn of UNBORN CHILDREN, whether Yellow Black or White

She did not CHOOSE to ABORT her Baby… ONLY GOD can Cut Life short

Since they ignored ‘THOU SHALT NOT KILL’... we have a BABY HOLOCAUST..!!


(Pt 3…my Trust in God’s Future)


My Aborted UNCLE becomes my HERO… MOM DECIDES TO LET ME LIVE..!!

Amazing! what YOUR Prayers can do, BOY there’s so much that I can Give.

Well Great-Grandma missed the Civil Rights, she was already in her tomb

But now MOM’S Marching for The Rights… of us CHILDREN IN THE WOMB.


YOU Abolished ‘White Supremacy’, because NO Color rules Supreme

But replaced it with ‘ADULT Supremacy’… Hmmm! same Crime, different Scene!!

Bring back some Common Sense, Give back these KIDS their Human Rights

FIFTY MILLION TINY REASONS!! … Should keep you all AWAKE at night..!!


“I Wanna be Free/I Wanna be Me” …  the Rebellious Sixties’ Battlecry

Sex and Drugs and Rock’n’Roll … Prophetic Omens for the BIGGEST LIE..!!

You were INCENSED by Animal Cruelty… you took OFFENCE at Humane Culls…

PROTESTED War for ‘Peace and Luv’… but AGREED with SMASHING Babies’ Skulls!!


Then you thought GOD’S TRUTH could change, by an [In]Human Supreme Court

HA! and your Democratic Votes … could make it MORAL to Abort..!!

Well when I grow up I’ll be a Judge… a Lawyer or Politician

And OVERTURNING Roe v Wade, will be my major life’s ambition.


Q. - Would you ever KILL THIS HUMAN GROUP, if it possessed the following Facts?

>All 1 Year Old Blond Babies… with a Birthmark on their Backs??!!<

A. - This ‘LAW’ would be PREPOSTEROUS!! You would LOCK UP ALL Supporters…

YET IF these Babies were 1 year Younger, they could ‘LEGALLY’ be Slaughtered..!!


From the Moment of CONCEPTION, until its time of NATURAL Death..

LIFE is a Sacred Gift from GOD… and HE decides on your Next Breath,

LOOK!..when the Sperm ‘salutes’ the Egg … Human LIFE has made a Pact

LISTEN!..Atheists even tell you that … it’s a SCIENTIFIC FACT..!!


So BE Politically Correct!! … Protect ALL Life whatever Color

And stop this Child Discrimination… Defend ALL Life before the Dollar,

REVERSE this Man-Made Death Law, and Replace it with GOD’S TRUTH

The FAMILY is God’s Building Block, so stop LYING to our Youth..!!


You ‘Pro-Choicers’ should be HAPPY, that YOUR OWN Moms were NOT your Fans

You Pro-Death Judges and Politicians, It’s Time to wash your BLOODY Hands!!

You Abortionists STOP playing GOD… HITLER’S Doctors tried before

COMMIT this ‘Culture of Death’ TO DEATH, and PUT LIFE BACK in the LAW..!!


More ‘MARTIN LUTHER KINGS’, are Speaking Up for Unborn Souls

Educating the Miss-Informed, to VOTE their CONSCIENCE at the Polls,

I will always THANK GOD for my LIFE… PRAY for MOMS at The Clinic Gate


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