Mark Wahlberg on Faith, Family, Hard Work, and What He Prays For

Since I'm not a celebrity follower, I had no idea that Mark Wahlberg was Catholic.  I had seen an interview with him years ago describing his gang banging days and jail time and never thought anything of it.

After seeing this clip, I have a new respect for the man.  He did change his life and  lives his faith on a daily basis.  I'm also impressed with the fact that he's willing to talk about it publicly.  It certainly sets a better example than the reality show morons.

Faith is life changing whether you are Catholic or any other religion.  If your life has not changed dramatically after a conversion, you are probably not living your faith and you need to make some changes.

I think we all need to re-examine our beliefs from time to time.  We all need to look deeply into ourselves and ask that infamous question, "How's that working for me?"

It apparently works quite well for Mark Wahlberg.

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